Thursday, November 4, 2010

WoW Cataclysm - what class would be the best healer?

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What do you guys think - what class would be the best healer and why?
Yep, I played WoW before as a resto shammy, and man - did I enjoy it much. But changes are coming, and I want to know - which class would be best for end game raids and stuff, you got the question.

Or the best class for dps/heals, but I would like to focus mainly on healing.

And on related note: need help with Wow patch download.
Downloading the big 4g cataclysm patch, and its downloading on my computers drive - but it might run out of space, so - how do I get it to download on my mobile hardrive?

So far best advices were:

With all the new talents there is no one best class at either healing, dps or tanking. Druid healers are great AOE heals, Priests are great main tank healers, resto shamans are still the top AOE healers. But it also depends on your play style, Some people may not like one class because of how you have to play that class. But in my opinion, I would go with Resto Druids. I've seen some great resto druid healers pull off some amazing healing in 25 man ICC.

Resto Druid is the most OP right now, and the new patch for cata just came out so, Resto Druid, Disc Priest, Then Resto Shaman, Pallies use to be the best, but in the new patch they got NERFED SO BAD. IMO Resto Druids, and Disc Priest is best 2 healer comb. Thats how i killed my LK anyways :P

...but I'd like to hear more, if you dont mind :)